international dating in - 10 biggest dating mistakes

by  |  09-Jan-2017 02:52

The Facebook page and Tumblr blog “Humanitarians of Tinder” is devoted to Tinder users who post pictures of themselves doing aid work abroad.

One man is pictured with three topless women after what seems like a tribal dance, a woman is surrounded by small children Mother Teresa-style, while another man shows a man giving thumbs up while hunching next to an elderly woman selling odds and ends on the street.

The best picture ever taken What the picture says: “I never thought I could look this good.” What it makes people think: “I never thought you would look so different.” Online daters don’t always set out to deceive as they may also be lying to themselves.

“It’s really easy to embellish a photograph even without Photoshop,” Toma says.

“It tells you a huge amount about your health, your age, your background and your interests.” She recommends posting full body shots of you at work (outside the office, perhaps) and at play (hiking, if you have a high fitness level).

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