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Professor Hans Evers from Maastricht University in the Netherlands has said IVF clinics are not being fair when they continue to offer treatments to women past the age of 42, because chances are so slim.

Mary Berry made an uncharacteristic jibe about Delia Smith's lack of children when saying perhaps the feedback she got from her own was invaluable in her career as a TV cook.

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Stephen was last seen out for dinner on Monday night (inset left), after the shock paperwork was filed.

The Princess Royal, a working farmer (pictured, main image) has said she suspects GM crops 'have got very many benefits' and 'not very many' downsides.

Police say the older woman, who does not resemble Ms Hunniford, right, at all, managed to convince a member of staff she was the Loose Women star and had another signatory put on her account.

The account was subsequently drained of £102,000 that same day, and then a further £18,000 was taken.

Distressing as they are, these images recall the appalling bloodshed and senseless bombings carried out in the 1970s and 1980s (pictured), before Mr Mc Guinness turned away from the 'armed struggle' he had embraced.

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