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The importance of a photo cannot be stressed enough, but does a photo really tell others who you are? A photo submitted on a profile is usually a head and shoulders shot or some type of action photo -- 'walking along the beach', 'hanging out with your best friend', etc.. BE CAREFUL WITH E-MAILSE-mail is a great feature to use to communicate with potential partners but be careful not to spend too much time using e-mails.

Although those visual images are great, they do little to communicate your personality. Many potential dates may have had similar experiences which can lead to great conversational topics. Don't spend a long period of time sending e-mails back and forth.

By joining an online dating community you get the opportunity to shop for people.

You browse photos, read profiles, communicate in forums, chat rooms, instant messages and send and receive e-mails.

Conversely, when you join a dating site and present yourself for others to view, you are in essence advertising yourself.

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