17 dating a 21 year old Adult text chatrooms

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I actually appreciated it because it allowed me to focus on me, without getting distracted by something for which I just wasn't ready (emotionally).

That's probably where a lot of my point of view comes from.

originally posted by Ursusarctos: I think we are making the same point, here.

17 dating a 21 year old-43

In that case it would be easier to judge whether their relationship was appropriate or not.

In my experience, 21 year old boys do not usually have a fully matured sense of their sexuality - not necessarily more than a 17 year old girl.

On a messageboard primarily of teen girls I asked "what age difference do you allow for in dating? If they really like each other, I might allow him to become "friends of the family" and they could spend time together that way. _ dating someone that much younger than you may mean he's NOT a catch _he may put pressure on her to be sexually active before she's ready _he may be drinking socially, teens can't do that All that spells trouble with a capital T. But, we met when I was an adult, independent, and living on my own.

(I use those ages because that's the situation I'm currently in) No way would I allow my teenage daughter to date a male of 21 years or older. I am in an age gap relationship myself (17 years of an age gap).

said that they do NOT date people their own age or younger cos it's *so* immature (which I think is ridiculous). If your daughter was 17 would you let her date a 21 year old? Especially in situations where an "older" male is interested.

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