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Nothing fancy, but sometimes saying an extra "I love you" just lets the other person know you're happy with how things are going.

It's super cheesy, but I wake up every day feeling so lucky to have found J, so doing something a little extra once a month or once a year to let him know that seems pretty light to me.

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At the beginning of each new month, it’ll be my responsibility to look at the calendar and designate an evening (or afternoon) for our special date that month.

I even included a “wild card,” which either of us can put into play when we’re feeling extra…well…wild!

Sure, it's only been two years for J and I, but a lot has changed in our toddler-of-a-relationship.

We said "I love you" after a couple months, we exchanged keys shortly after that, there were vacations, J taking care of me after I passed out in the shower, spending holidays with each other's family and now we're even sharing a home and starting to plan a future together.

And for the grand finale card, I made a special Valentine’s Day farewell…with space for a personal note and signature.

2 year dating anniversary ideas for men

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