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There are two foundational classes in the Android framework that let you create and manipulate graphics with the Open GL ES API: If you want to start building an app with Open GL ES right away, follow the Displaying Graphics with Open GL ES class.

If your application uses Open GL features that are not available on all devices, you must include these requirements in your Android file.

Auto Q3D CAD for Android is a fast and easy to use 2D and 3D CAD editor for everyone as professionals, sketchers, architects, engineers, designers, students and more.

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The illustration above shows the uniform coordinate system assumed for an Open GL frame on the left, and how these coordinates actually map to a typical device screen in landscape orientation on the right.

To solve this problem, you can apply Open GL projection modes and camera views to transform coordinates so your graphic objects have the correct proportions on any display.

For information on checking what version of Open GL ES is supported at run time, see Checking Open GL ES Version.

Note: The specific API provided by the Android framework is similar to the J2ME JSR239 Open GL ES API, but is not identical.

A set of three or more three-dimensional points (called vertices in Open GL) have a front face and a back face.

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