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3) If we select your video to be featured in our home page, you will win an Apple TV.

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Adultchats for ipad

This can frequently occur over 3G network where network connection can be spotty. b) Our servers or datacenters may be down for maintenance at the moment you try to connect. To verify, you can visit the native browser to check.

The video is laggy or choppy If you have a fast network and close to our data center, the video or Flash websites should work well.

d) It is possible that your speaker icon has a line across it indicating that it is set to mute. Try Photon again and all the volume stuff should work.

Alternatively, to make sure we eliminate everything else if above does not work, do to Settings in your i Pad. However if you prefer your side switch to be rotation lock, then use a)-d).

A pop up box appear saying I am unable to connect to remote host There are 3 common possibilities.

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