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In general chat environments, as the one I will discuss later, such a game-like quality seems not to be openly admitted, although quite often hinted at.Rather, the participants stick to playing who they claim they are.

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But new ways to deal with both general and setting-specific problems, such as mutual identification, were also developed.

Now that an increasing number of people spend various amounts of their time 'online', chatting with friends or whoever is available, it is time to study Computer-Mediated Conversation (CMC), as we previously studied face-to-face conversation and Telephone (Mediated) Conversation, using the same procedural perspective.

But, as I will explain, categorisation plays its role both earlier and later in the chat process.

The following exploration is, then, an exercise in Membership Categorisation Analysis (MCA; Hester & Eglin) as based on the ideas developed by Harvey Sacks in the 1960s (Sacks, "An Initial Investigation", "On the Analyzability of Stories", Lectures on Conversation Vol. An immense part of the mundane knowledge that people use in living their everyday lives is organised in terms of categories that label members of some population as being of certain types.

For each, the job has a structure like 'find an X who wants a Y as a partner', where X is the desired chat character and Y is the character you yourself want to play.

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