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“Alcohol [consumption] has gone up over time, too, and it’s intimately connected to their sexual behaviour.” Rates of sexually transmitted diseases are rising, especially in the 15-19 age group; in 2008, slightly more than 25 per cent of all chlamydia infections were in the 15- to 19-year-old age group, and girls were diagnosed at three times the rate of boys.

That’s just the statistics; the anecdotal evidence is more frightening.

Austrian sex chat

“We’ve not had anything like this happen here before,” Kranebitter told AFP.

“They were dancing around the victims and then suddenly grabbed their breast or stuck their hands between their legs.

Most worryingly, there has also been a marked increase in unwanted sex, an experience that can have a long-term effect on how a woman feels about herself and her sexuality.

“The main reasons are being too drunk or high, and pressure from a partner,” Dr Mitchell says.

AUSTRIAN POLICE ARE investigating an unprecedented number of sexual assaults carried out by a group of men on New Year’s Eve in the western city of Innsbruck, an official said today.

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