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The entire arbitration process usually takes less than 70 days from a consumer’s initial contact with CAMVAP to the time a judgment has been made.

CAMVAP’s primary role is to facilitate a fair and independent adjudication on all cases brought before it.

Failing that, they can contact the automobile manufacturer directly (all manufacturers have consumer affairs departments) to try and resolve the issue.

Claimants have the right to hire their own lawyer (entirely optional), call witnesses and collect evidence in much the same way that they would prepare for a regular court case.

Hearings are held in the consumer’s home community and typically last for two to three hours.

Before choosing CAMVAP to solve a dispute, consumers need to know that it represents a court of last resort.

By pursuing CAMVAP, they waive their right to proceed with legal action either against the dealership or the manufacturer at a later date.

In 2011, CAMVAP arbitrators made 83 repair awards, 11 reimbursements for repairs awards totaling slightly over $17,000, and 70 buyback awards totaling $1,930,402.

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