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We have to be all in: frequent checks of all devices in the home, an extra app to see deleted texts, and closing all games that are social.

Safety apps can’t do it all, I frequently check the device as well.

”The more risks you take, the more you will be rewarded with exciting relationships and opportunities. Make fun of yourself through stories about ‘stupid’ things you have done. When you are associated with making others laugh, they will want more of you.

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When you believe in yourself, confidence follows and rejections will significantly decrease. When the other person is talking, do not let your eyes wander and do not look at your phone—unless you tell them ahead of time that you are ‘on-call.’Have you been guilty of looking away when someone is talking to you? Can you look in the mirror and say, “I love you so much, you are awesome?

A smile from the eyes is a turn-on because it’s authentic. ” If you can’t, you probably need to heal old emotional scars.

It’s a turn-off when you don’t believe you are lovable and awesome.

Everyone has ‘baggage.’ If you are not your baggage, you can be a turn-on.

Kids are also more likely to show you on the spot if something questionable pops up. This has led to me deleting some things I thought “looked safe” and ended my freak-out about apps that I thought no child should have. There’s no reason for anyone to be online in the dead of night. I’ve learned that it’s clearly not enough to limit screen time and say, “I’ve done my job.” We must do a deep dive into what our kids are doing, what different apps allow, what it looks like to hang out on You Tube, or Minecraft, or in any online community.

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