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If you can see both parents, it often means that the person had two dogs in the back yard and didn't supervise them carefully enough, resulting in puppies. The Internet offers several venues for testing your personality and matching it with certain breeds. Perhaps a smaller breed would be a better choice with an emphasis on temperament? Reading all you can about breeds of purebred dogs and familiarizing yourself with traits and characteristics is a must.

I probably get more mail on this one statement than anything else -- people who legitimately have both parents are incensed that I would suggest that they are unethical and bad breeders. Once a breed has been chosen, the search for a breeder is next on the list.

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I don't want to be too harsh about this, though -- every breed we se today is the result of some specialized and "rare" breeding to create a certain look or behavior.

Shepherds herd, retrievers retrieve...because we have selectively bred them to do so. There really is no secret to buying a good purebred dog.

There are many people buying "rare" white boxers and Shepherds, not realizing that they are not show-prospects, and that they are buying a dog with medical problems from lack of pigmentation, and possible behavioral problems as well.

There are even some people selling unusual cross breeds as "rare" dogs, and people buy them thinking they are getting some unique treasure.

The puppy may have been sold as a pet (since it had some problems that prevented it from being shown) and an unethical person did not have the dog desexed and is still breeding puppies. AKC does not control breeding, approve litters, or guarantee soundness.

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