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The yogis tell us that this state of all-pointedness scatters our awareness while dissipating and draining our energy.Conversely, creating a steady, one-pointed focus of our mind concentrates and conserves our energy and personal power.And cultivating moment-to-moment awareness on and off our yoga mats removes unconscious patterns of movement and thought, illuminates our physical, mental and emotional states and gives us the gratitude and appreciation for the small miracles and simple blessings in our everyday lives.

Sattva is a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence.

One of the primary goals of yoga is cultivate Sattva while reducing the other two gunas: tamas (darkness) and rajas (activity).

Use the themes in our Yoga Lessons for focus, intention and guidance.

Our Yoga Lessons are not lesson plans, but general outlines with spiritual quotes, focused intentions, lists of yoga practices and further off-the-mat homework exercises.

A fundamental teaching of yoga is the practice of cultivating one-pointedness (ekagrata), which in turn develops the focus and concentration needed for holding yoga poses and meditating for extended periods of time.

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