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He groans and moans while his semen is being squirted.

Damn, I am certainly looking forward to seeing much more of this amazing, manly stud!

Joshua X begins his jerkoff session by kissing his big, bulging biceps and admiring his strong, muscular body. He pulls the wife beater a bit up to show us his perfect six pack abs. He shows his ripped chest, too, while playing with his crotch area. He takes off his shirt and continues to flex his muscles.

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Completely free foot fetish hookups

There’s a mirror on the wall and he can watch his own reflection as well.

Now he finally takes off his shorts and we can see that his cock is fully erect, and throbbing.

He strokes his dick faster and faster, and we know he’s now about to cum.

Soon enough he shoots his load, one big squirt of cum is shot and several smaller ones follow.

Here you will find mostly men with naturally well-built bodies, and even some more muscular studs as well.

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