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But to do it this way brings back memories of the brash college player, not the sublime NFL talent.

He was closer to rookie than veteran after spending the previous 18 games showing that he wasn’t just an established NFL player but perhaps was the best in the league. Granted, the questions weren’t great, but it wouldn’t have mattered if Woodward and Bernstein had been asking them: Cam seemed to have made up his mind he was going to act like a child in the postgame.

The seats they cover are stitched with such pride that Bentley upholsterers sign the backs of each hide.

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The 8-speed automatic transmission is a steering wheel-mounted paddleshift system, seamlessly transitioning between gears for a smooth surge of acceleration.

Traditional craftsmanship teamed with ultra-modern communication, navigation and entertainment systems create the ultimate mobile space.

And in that moment, Cam Newton, the most entertaining, garrulous and enjoyable player in the league, fell silent, a testament to his own immaturity and inexperience.

The Monday morning stories should be about how Peyton Manning won his second Super Bowl, but once again, Cam Newton has managed to make himself the center of attention.

The unmistakable Bentley matrix grille covers the radiator and hand-built V8 engine, while the instantly recognizable large, inset headlamps light your way.

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