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He chatted her up for a while then at the end of the night he asked for her number.

Students read the story and check that they have the pictures in the correct order.

Have students try to guess the meaning of the expressions in bold from the context in pairs.

Tell them “this is the story of a relationship, you have to put it in order” you might want to put some simple sequencers on the board: “First, and then, afterwards, in the end etc.” When they’ve finished choose a pair to tell their version of the story to the class, ask other groups if their version is different.

Tell students that you are going to tell them the real story and they have to listen and put their pictures in the correct order. Give out the handout but fold the paper so student cannot see the language focus exercise.

They went out for coffee and discovered that they had so much in common, they were made for each other!

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