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Buddy Chat was once a feature of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) that let users chat with more than one person in either a pre-existing or user-created chatrooms.

The name "Buddy Chat" has been phased out and replaced with "Group Chat," which more accurately conveys the ability to chat with more than one person in a group chat space.

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It runs on personal computers, smartphones and tablet PCs. Messenger relaunched with a new platform in 2015 and contains many features designed to make group chat easier. has ramped up the photo sharing capability, too, by introducing new technology that allows you to “send hundreds of pictures at a time, quickly."Another interesting and unique feature in Yahoo! You now have the option to recall a message easily if you sent something in error, or want to take back what you said.

Requiring no accounts and just a few simple steps, Chatzy is an easy-to-use free private chat rooms site, which allows users to invite friends by email to chat using any ​web browser.

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