Free sex role playing chat

by  |  09-Jun-2014 08:20

Most of us are also either students in college or busy with personal matters, therefore we ask you to please respect our privacy.

This is the following list of what gives this server such a rating, however we must also mention that all of these listed below are heavily moderated: We STs and GMs do not like to act like they are the omnipotent people of the server as we believe in merging with the rest of the community, however we do expect for a certain degree of respect.

As we like to chat and talk just like everybody else, we have a server to keep in order, a life to live and an individual personality.

OOC should never be used in-game to chat about your real life.

If a party/guild has agreed that their party/guild chat is to be IC-only for the duration of the RP, then this can't help it due to the situation, at least be sure to put up a chat room (you'd type /chat in game) saying ((AFK)) in a non-interrupting area.

There’s really nothing to it other than common sense and politeness.

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