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Consider the harrowing story last week of 77-year-old dementia patient Betty Boylan, residing in a £1,000-a-month care home in Birmingham.

At another point, a second carer was caught spraying deodorant in Betty’s face. Instead of trying to incentivise the old to move out of their homes, we should incentivise the young to move back in.

For every old person struggling with too much space, there’s a fair chance that down the road is a son or daughter struggling with property ladders, deposits, mortgages, two jobs to pay for them — oh, and a couple of children of their own as well.

In support of a housing White Paper, published today, ministers argue that with the right inducements in place this is a win-win solution to combat two major ills facing the UK.

But what if, notwithstanding all the sweeteners, the older person simply does not want to be wrenched from the place that has been their home for most of their lives?

The problem is that for many who sell up, the destination will be sheltered accommodation or a care home.

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