gambar datin kena main ramai ramai - Free video chat for hooking up

by  |  05-Jan-2017 14:25

Facebook offers a Video Calling feature that allows you to initiate video chats with your Facebook friends.

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It’s Apple-devices-only for the foreseeable future. Chat services are only valuable if other people use them.

Sure, you could install the open-source Ekiga tool and use SIP to initiate a video chat, but there’s the additional challenge of making your friends use a new service — not to mention the firewall and port-forwarding issues involved with SIP clients.

As another bonus, you can call any number in the US or Canada for free from within Gmail.

Skype can call landline phones too, but you’ll have to pay for Skype Premium or for minutes first.

Click the Video Call button to initiate a video chat.

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