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by  |  13-Jun-2015 06:04

I don't think I know of many heterosexual men who can keep quiet to their friends about having sex on tap. I've never met a woman who couldn't keep it to herself.And what's wrong with daytime sex with a fuckbuddy? This is only generally a problem if she's in your group of friends.

I don't think it's necessary to have rules about what you can talk about and whether or not you can sleep over as long as rule two is observed... With rule 10, I think it's sufficient to come to an agreement that only birth control is necessary when both partners get tested from the beginning and agree that they will only have unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with each other.

With rule 12, I highly doubt this is ever going to be enforceable. However I have always had a problem with the girl spilling the beans to everyone.

Ive never had a messy disposal, usually it has involved one of the parties moving away or a mutual falling out, but I would love to hear how some of you have gotten yourselves out of the situation. To the OP: Clearly you've thought this through very thoroughly - you truly seem genuinely intelligent, however some things should not be analyzed and broken down into 'rules' By doing so, and by the list of your rules, you're bound to be extremely disappointed in others over the course of your life.

I personally wouldn't be able to conform to your rules, as I prefer my personality traits of being spontaneous, indulgent, idealistic much, much more.

I cant see myself going without sex for that amount of time though so Ill just have to hope things work out!

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