Grannies wanting sex and can travel or accommadate

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“Having to pay something—whatever to a landlord or just the electric bill—also encourages responsibility and money management.

The latter is especially true if the adult child earns very little or has a part-time job.” No one should expect or get a free ride, she adds, but “you don’t want to let money dictate the relationship.

Judy cooks dinner for the family every Thursday and pushes Amy and her husband, Charlie, out the door for a date night every now and then.

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“A young adult may think saving $100 a month is enough,” notes Butts, “but her parents may think otherwise.” There are no hard and fast rules for financial arrangements, but families do need to establish guidelines that work for them.

“Some parents take money, even a token amount, because it makes the adult child feel better when contributing to the family’s well-being,” Newman says.

“The old and faithful interdependence of extended family relationships is re-emerging as the cultural norm,” they write.

Graham, a business professor at the University of California, Irvine, says that as all major institutions are changing under the weight of demographic shifts, “extended families—not government, not business—will save the day for us.” Honest Communication Is Key Of course, no one’s saying it’s easy to live with your parents or children—let alone both.

"This is a trend that will continue.” This is a hot topic among educators and scholars.

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