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However, when I stepped ashore, after a bracing two-hour voyage, what struck me far more forcibly was the complete absence of women.Men were embarking and disembarking – monks, sailors, pilgrims – and not a female face in sight.Monks are allowed to travel (though many of them choose not to).

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During the last millennium, the Holy Mountain has weathered far bigger crises, and survived.

Orthodox monks have been living on Mount Athos ever since the 7th century, inspired by the Virgin Mary, who supposedly travelled here in her old age.

But since the end of the Cold War the roll call has risen.

Now there are about 2,500 monks living here, from virtually every region of the Orthodox world.

Ever since, this verdant cul-de-sac has been the sole preserve of a few thousand monks, inhabiting 20 monasteries scattered around the peninsula, plus various caves and cells hidden in the wooded hills between.

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