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Just remember: any phrases implying that you are unsure of her sincerity will always have a bad effect on a real relationship.How would you feel if she told you, Not very nice, right?

And then we have 10-15 women dropping off the site, because they felt offended and do not want to continue using Elenas Models.

These 10 women may tell their friends not to use the site as well, so the problem snowballs.

I mean a good position for your computer, phone or i Pad.

You want the camera to be in a secure location so when things start getting really hot and heavy, the laptop doesn't fall onto the floor and completely ruin the mood. Set ground rules, lock your door and pick a good position (for your laptop).

Scammers will assure you they are genuine, but honest women will be offended, and most likely refuse to talk to you again.

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