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Pressure exerted from the locals onto the British resulted in Kenyan independence in 1963, with Nairobi as the capital of the new republic.

After independence, Nairobi grew rapidly and this growth put pressure on the city's infrastructure.

Their relationship was mutual — he got comfort while the woman got companionship and love.

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And it is fair to say that the Government and the Municipality have already bravely tackled the problem and that a town-plan ambitious enough to turn Nairobi into a thing of beauty has been slowly worked out, and much has already been done.

But until that plan has borne fruit, Nairobi must remain what she was then, a slatternly creature, unfit to queen it over so lovely a country.

It was also chosen because its network of rivers could supply the camp with water and its elevation would make it cool enough for residential purposes.

and the city grew around administration and tourism, initially in the form of big game hunting.

After the end of World War II, this friction developed into the Mau Mau rebellion.

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