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Our screennames say a lot about us,” Liberti noted.“So if we're using a screenname on an app or on Facebook or on anything else that has our name, our age, your school logo, your school mascot, it's a very good indication to predators that you're a minor.”For instance, a child may have a screenname of “John12,” and Liberti explained there is a good chance a predator will assume the user is a 12-year-old boy, and then focus on that user a possible victim.And that means, “hanging” in possibly inappropriate ways.

“So, as your child is talking with that bad guy, he or she is probably being recorded.”There are certain things that predators look for online to target children as victims.“Some of these kids are targeted because of simply they have a cute picture posted online,” Liberti said.

“Some of these kids are targeted because they posted something that says, ' I just broke up with my boyfriend or my girlfriend,' or, ' I'm really mad at my parents,' or something along that line that kind of indicates that an outside influence might really work well at that time.”But, more alarmingly, sometimes what attracts predators is even more innocuous."Some kids are targeted simply because of their screenname.

No, it had nothing to do with our school meeting, it was more 5 women sitting in a kitchen with our ‘mommy hats’ on.

She proceeded to tell us, that her son in Grade 5, has been having quite the time video chatting with his friends. But that means, if your kids have an Ipod Touch, an old deactivated Iphone, a computer in their room, or are borrowing your Ipad, they have the ability to literally be “hanging” with their friends until all hours of the night unsupervised.

But back to , your kids and respecting their privacy without exposing them to harm. Video chatting truly brings new elements to privacy issues.

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