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Sometimes, the ubiquity of smartphone cameras brings us touching moments from our friends' lives or the unintentional joy of a Chewbacca Mom video.

If you want to upgrade your home security, though, I recommend wireless security cameras.

In addition to streaming video to you on the go and sending motion alerts, these have additional features like night vision, two-way audio and sometimes even pan and tilt control.

If you're really feeling adventurous, Manything has IFTTT support for triggering updates to social media or even triggering Internet-connected home appliances like some LED light bulbs. Use Manything to record activity around a bird feeder or know when a child leaves their room at night. As I said, Manything is free, but it has some paid options that let you use it with more than one gadget at a time or get more than 12 hours of video recording storage in the cloud.

More security As I said, a smartphone security camera is good for quick security or a limited area.

Set up your gadget on the stand and point the camera in the direction you want to watch. When the app detects movement, it can alert you via e-mail or text, take pictures of the thief and even sound an alarm to scare them off.

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