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Although the genre is called Boys' Love (commonly abbreviated as "BL"), the males featured are pubescent or older.Works featuring prepubescent boys are labeled shotacon, and seen as a distinct genre.While Pharrell’s breezy tune is steeped in the idioms of American hip-hop and dance culture, the video for “It Girl” comes from the world of Japanese —obsessive fans of anime, manga, and video games.

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BL creators and fans are careful to distinguish the genre from bara, including "gay manga...

What are we to make of Pharrell Williams’s latest video for “It Girl,” which features the hip-hop star singing, “Hold my hand, and moan again, I’ma hold that ass” to images of what appears to be a prepubescent cartoon girl?

Lolicon emerged in Japan in the late nineteen-seventies as self-published fan parodies of popular female manga characters.

Something like the Tijuana bibles of the manga world, they exposed the eroticism hinted at in the curvaceous young cartoon beauties of the mainstream.

Debates have sprung up on various blogs: “Why did he choose such young characters?

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