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Do you remember the ‘90s, when anal sex was the taboo du jour (du decade? I put this in no small part down to overexposure to Sex and the City, which definitely mentioned it at least twice in six years. Obviously there are conditions attached to this: vibrators are fine – we can discuss vibrators, go and buy them together, attend hen nights where we have to rescue a vibrator from a stripper’s butt cheeks using only our pelvic floor muscles (I don’t go to many hen nights – but that’s what happens when you’ve finished glazing your own commemorative mugs, right? “Masturbation is happening and we talk about it but the media/self help market uses language in quite a limiting way, which actually means it's not a taboo but can be difficult to talk about.” Masturbation is fine when it’s for the purposes of male titillation. Does female desire, on its own and without a purpose (to make babies, or to please a man) make us uncomfortable? And why do women refuse to talk about masturbating even when they are just in female company?

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He explains that he did not contact authorities to report Weiner because his daughter asked him not to. I didn't want to appear suspicious.'It had been my job to get into Anthony's brain, but after nine months, I realized he didn't know a thing about me.

'I agreed because her mental health is in jeopardy and I didn't want to exacerbate anything that she has mentally going on.'Through interviews and a collection of online messages from applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Kik, and Confide, Daily has pieced together a timeline of Weiner's relationship with the underage girl. I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. I approached him at our post-campaign party and asked, 'Do you know I'm a single mom?

In one Confide message - which deletes the sender's name after the first message is open, Weiner tells the girl 'I would bust that tight p***y. We fall in love with things, and we let it kill us. You're married to sexting and your wife is married to Clinton. You attempted to make me feel bad about telling my teacher.

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