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He spent most of his days across the bay off Cape May, but made a few trips back home to Delaware.

Unfortunately, Thatch was shot on the island of Curacao during his migration south last fall.

Having a company which is totally dedicated to this market will help us, in the future, to create something for the generalist market.” Terpon is facing competition from a number of Chinese webcam makers targeting the adult entertainment industry, but also stalwart hardware companies like Nikon, Samsung and Lenovo, creating webcams for the virtual reality era.

The male will then be stopping at the nest off and on to deliver fish to the female for most of the spring.

Look for the chicks to hatch in June, and then watch the chicks grow all summer until late July, when they will fledge (start to fly).

The young will still stay close to the nest, waiting for fish from the adults, until the adults migrate south.

The young will begin their own migration shortly afterward; by early September, the nest will be empty again.

A Swiss startup, Terpon SA, is making virtual reality webcams specifically for the adult entertainment industry.

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