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Would you prefer a fantastic wedding and a marriage full of financial frustration?

On the other hand, would you prefer a moderately priced wedding and a marriage where there is so much money to spend after buying the necessary items. The most important memory of any wedding is the picture of the smiling couple, which is placed on the wall of every home........

Ladies just comment hi Guys just comment hello and get hooked up tonight.... Informations flying around about a Doctor that jumped into the lagoon on Sunday, 19th of March, 2017 and I heard he was just 35 years....

Am reading your comments and also hooking up Guys and ladies one on one tonight..... So at 35 he was a doctor..a car(an SUV) and even a driver, I learnt the mum was visited at her residence in Lekki which means he was probably from a well to do family,so by Nigerian standard, he seem to me a successful young man in all ramifications.

When was the last time we called the name of a friend in prayers? And if you are reading this and you are going through some...these We are all going through some.

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