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Lee Sing, director of the Hong Kong Mood Disorders Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, warned that Hong Kong's high-stress working environments are spawning a city-full of "Bus Uncles".

Lee estimated that one of every 50 Hongkongers suffers from intermittent explosive disorder, On the other hand, Ho Kwok Leung, an applied social science lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, held that attention surrounding the video reflected the boring lives of Hong Kong people.

However, the middle-aged man insisted that the matter was not settled and requested an apology from him.

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One Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi posted a video on Facebook where the ex-president was with a lady identified simply as Bridget and they were chatting like buddies.

READ ALSO: Ex-President Obasanjo kisses Tonto Dikeh’s son (photo)Bridget joked about wanting to take over his farm and he told her she would be competing with a lot of people including the bank for it.

The "Bus Uncle" title for the video was coined by members of an Internet forum in reference to the older man in the video.

In Hong Kong, it is common to refer to an older man as "Uncle" (阿叔), hence the English translation "The Bus Uncle".

Ho often takes long bus rides home, frequently asking passengers to lower their voices so he can nap.

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