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The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article. Don’t judge me; it wasn’t deliberate, well not on my part anyway. Maybe if anyone could have seen the situation I was in they would have snatched those pro-life leaflets out of my hands.

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"A good sex life is a sign of a happy marriage," she said. For, whether I brush my teeth thrice, twice a day or once is still a private matter, while whether I gave "enough" to my partner is not.

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But then when I went for my first post-marriage routine check-up to a gynaecologist, I was told categorically that soon I would be "responsible" for the unhappiness in our relationship. I tried to make a joke, "Oh, you are talking like a shrink! " Now, it's time for my routine check-up again and I am dreading going back to my old gynaecologist, mostly because I am not good at dealing with the "I told you so" reaction.

We were six months into our marriage and used to cuddle at nights and indulge in morning kisses too, but we'd not yet had sex, I told the lady doctor, when she expressed utter shock on realising that I was still a virgin. So instead, I have decided to first go for my routine dental check-up.

When my photography teacher asked what I was doing over summer and I said “having a baby”, she just laughed nervously.

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