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One property of IR cameras is that they can see through certain types of clothing.[3] It appears that the Xbox’s camera is, well, especially good at this trick.

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Rides and attractions are replaced with interactive adventures and mini-games (the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is a pirate-jousting challenge, the Peter Pan attraction is a sword-fighting mini-game, etc).

These attractions sometimes contain violent content which is highlighted with big explosions and sound effects, but it is depicted in the context of a theme park attraction and not a truly violent activity.

This is one of the most ambitious Kinect titles to date and has some shortcomings as a result, but the brilliant presentation and the ability to capture at least some of the magic of Disneyland makes this game easily recommendable.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Will Waste Your Money.

Of course, the main gameplay component involves the attractions that are evocative of actual Disneyland rides, but offer a much more interactive element.

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