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When Japan offered compensation through Asian Women's Fund in 1995, 61 former Korean comfort women defied Chong Dae Hyup's order and accepted compensation. Their names and addresses were published in newspapers as prostitutes, and they had to live the rest of their lives in disgrace.

So the rest of the women were terrified of Chong Dae Hyup and wouldn't dare to defy again.

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Seeing as how Germany are still paying dozens to repay what Hitler did.

I think Japan shud pay much as well with an apology too Water cables, gas lines, sewage systems, the issue of having 'waste' material degrading under public walkway.

There's no guaranteeing 10, 20 years down the line the area wouldn't be dug up for some other purpose. com/ "Comfort Women of the Empire" by Professor Park Yuha" "Comfort Women of the Empire" was written by Professor Park Yuha of Sejong University in South Korea.

There's always talk of relocating the statue and I'm pretty sure that's why she want's to be buried there, to force the government to leave the statue alone forever. Please also refer to the New York Times article about this book Preface I first confronted the comfort women issue in 1991. As a volunteer I was translating former Korean comfort women's testimonies for NHK.

Hundreds of them were coerced by the lower ranked Japanese soldiers because they were enemy's women.

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