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by  |  01-Dec-2014 15:42

Given who was in my pledge class, I think actual hazing would have seriously messed some of us up.

I tried not to take the whole thing too seriously, but several of my pledge sisters found the process really upsetting and broke down frequently." "I was extremely intimidated by most of the girls in my pledge class, as well as the older girls in the house.

It wasn't my first-choice sorority, and had a reputation for crazy partying, drugs, eating disorders—everything I wasn't looking for, but I decided to go through with pledging anyway. However, I will say definitively that the hazing actually made me feel a lot more comfortable with my pledge class and broke down barriers.

Only three pledges signed up for the following semester." "I went to a giant university where I didn't know a soul, and I saw joining a sorority as a way to meet people who were like me—girls who wanted to get good grades and not fail out the first semester, but also have a little fun too, because: college!

I'd heard rumors of hazing on campus, but I wanted to give Greek life a try anyway.

During rush I attended an info session where all the sisters promised there would be absolutely no hazing; I was offered a bid and decided to pledge.

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