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Photo by Steve Kagan//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images L,mgr. The troubled youth enters Hyde Park’s prestigious Kenwood Academy High School. looking over construction of stage set for Kelly's new tour. Photo by Steve Kagan//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images L,mgr. He reportedly still carries the bullet in his shoulder.

Critics are not as accepting; writes Robert Christgau of : “In a year when the big rappers have either repeated tired outrages or outgrown them, Kelly’s crude, chartwise new jack swing is black pop’s most depressing development.” Aaliyah Dana Haughton—the 15-year-old niece of Kelly’s manager Hankerson—releases her debut album, largely written and produced by Kelly. From the beginning of his solo career, rumors have swirled throughout the music industry about Kelly’s attraction to underage girls, and many in the music business assume the title is a comment on that, as well as on the youthful exuberance of his protégé. Kelly is 27 and Aaliyah is 15, though a falsified Cook County marriage certificate lists her age at 18.

Kelly and Aaliyah are married at the Sheraton Gateway Suites, a hotel in Rosemont, by the Rev. Her family, including a furious Hankerson, quickly learns of the match and separates the couple.

The records in Wayne County Circuit Court are sealed, though the later obtains a copy.

In the settlement, which provides a nominal payment of $100 from Kelly to Aaliyah, Aaliyah promises not to pursue further legal action because of “emotional distress caused by any aspect of her business or personal relationship with Robert” or for “physical injury or emotional pain and suffering arising from any assault or battery perpetrated by Robert against her person.” Later, in 1997, Aaliyah files a motion to expunge the falsified marriage certificate from Cook County court records.

According to the lawsuit, Hawkins began having sex with Kelly in 1991, when she was 15 and he was 24.

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