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by  |  15-Aug-2015 03:08

I know these chat lines are on tv all the time after 12 at night.It drives me mad all those stupid ad's with the pouting women trying to look sexy. You aren't getting anywhere with it as he seems to be digging his heels in.I only found out coz my internet service is through his mobile network and they cut it off last night so I had to call them to ask why and they told me, all the times of every text sent and received ( sat and sun night when I was upstairs on the net and he was watching tv???? I do know you are feeling very low right now and maybe this is not the time to be confronting him.

If it was curiosity why numerous times on 2 consecutive nights? I do understand where you are coming from Debs but the longer it is unresolved the worse our relationship will get.

Hi Zoe, what a foolish man, all these ladies want is the money they are getting paid.

have previously dedicated to the app as the version figure is indeed at 4.0.

There has been significant updates which listed a bunch of new features that everyone now appreciate.

I know he hasn't ACTUALLY cheated and he has always said he never would but what the hell am I to believe now?

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