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Frank worries that he should have rented out a country club rather than a casino again, but Churchman assures him it’s fine.\n\n Velcoro and Dixon interview a girl at the city manager’s office, who tells them that Caspere had been visiting Montorey Hills and the Russian River Valley, but assures that he was not the type to leave without giving notice.Velcoro asks for a list of Caspere’s properties, and Dixon assures her that information is fine to give away because “we’re the police.”\n\n Dixon and Velcoro arrive at Caspere’s mansion -- “big place for one guy” -- and discover the house is trashed, with various sex objects strewn across the floor and paintings of naked women hung on the walls (DIXON: “I had no idea he was so adventurous.”) Velcoro decides that this is a kidnapping, and it is time to tell the bosses, as the case can no longer be covered by two men.\n\n Russian gangster Osip Agronov walks up to Frank and embraces him before introducing him to his lawyer.He tells Churchman to get Velcoro, because “[Velcoro] won’t get carried away.”\n\n A man in sunglasses sits in the back seat of a car - license plate 2PCE109.

She questions the man in charge, and discovers that every girl is indeed a legal citizen, and they are only making webcam videos - no law has been broken.

Ani turns and sees a girl with a green wig trying to leave through the front door, and pursues her.

Instead of a verbatim script, we are offering a more compact roundup that still tracks the story in its entirety and chronologically.\n\n Check out the most detailed True Detective roundup on the internet from the POV of the 3 major detectives and crime boss Frank Semyen.","embed_content":" ","featured_video":false,"full_title":"True Detective Roundup: S2E1 \"The Western Book of the Dead\" by Screen Genius (Ft.

True Detective)","header_image_thumbnail_url":"","header_image_url":"","hidden":false,"id":2147341,"instrumental":false,"is_music":false,"lyrics":,"lyrics_owner_id":779,"lyrics_updated_at":1435940813,"path":"/Screen-genius-true-detective-roundup-s2e1-the-western-book-of-the-dead-annotated","published":false,"pusher_channel":"song-2147341","pyongs_count":16,"recording_location":null,"release_date":"2015-06-21","release_date_components":,"share_url":"","song_art_image_thumbnail_url":"","song_art_image_url":"","soundcloud_url":"","spotify_uuid":null,"stats":,"title":"True Detective Roundup: S2E1 \"The Western Book of the Dead\"","tracking_data":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,],"tracking_paths":,"twitter_share_message":"Screen Genius – True Detective Roundup: S2E1 \"The Western Book of the Dead\" @Screen_Genius","twitter_share_message_without_url":"Screen Genius – True Detective Roundup: S2E1 \"The Western Book of the Dead\" @Screen_Genius","updated_by_human_at":1435940813,"url":"","viewable_by_roles":[],"youtube_start":null,"youtube_url":null,"current_user_metadata":,"album":,"albums":[],"custom_performances":[],"description_annotation":,"featured_artists":[],"media":[],"primary_artist":,"primary_tag":,"producer_artists":[],"song_relationships":[,,,,,,,,,],"tags":[],"top_scholar":,"verified_annotations_by":[],"verified_contributors":[],"verified_lyrics_by":[],"writer_artists":[]}}"Detective Ray Velcoro is the first character we meet this season.

Danielle tells Ani and Ilinca that if they want to do real work, they should find her missing sister Vera.

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