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The result: Outstanding news-the ARISS Team can move on to the next step, fabrication of prototype and flight units.

The JSC engineers disclosed that the ARISS breadboard power supply was the first hardware to have passed all of the space agencies’ tests!

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It's a fun and educational experience for families and individuals and moreover, the sites we visit will guarantee success in you finding fossils to take away, along with memories of a richly rewarding experience.

UKAFH's team are highly experienced in providing its members with over 15 fossil hunts a year, alongside like-minded people and all at very reasonable rates.

Banke expressed pleasure with the results: “I was looking to come away with what we needed to move forward.

We achieved that.” He was impressed with the support he and Mc Fadin received from the testing group, and said key players on those teams who are also ham radio operators, commented that they find equipment brought in that is supported by ham radio operators, to earn particularly good marks.

18, 36, 54 and 72 hole events for men, 35 years of age or over and with category 1 & 2 handicaps.

Uk amatuer

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