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Vision Web Hosting general policy is to act as a provider of Internet presence.

Vision Web Hosting reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided by Vision Web Hosting when we decide that the account has been inappropriately used.

For those that do not qualify for the unlimited service, traffic will go unmonitored until you reach the amount of quote allocated to your specific web hosting plan.

Thereafter, normal data transfer cost of $10.00/1GB/month will be billed to your account.

Shared hosting accounts may be terminated that include the following content or which have links to the following content: Providing material that is grossly offensive to the Web community including blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity Promoting or providing instructional information about illegal activities, or promoting physical harm or injury against any group or individual Displaying material containing obscene nudity or pornographic material (not applicable to managed dedicated servers) Displaying material that exploits children under 18 years of age Acts of copyright infringement including offering pirated computer programs or links to such programs, information used to circumvent manufacturer-installed copy-protect devices, including serial or registration numbers for software programs, or any type of cracker utilities Vision Web Hosting’s customers are privileged to be offered unlimited traffic for their web sites.

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