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To Justin, they seemed just like friends, ready with compliments and always offering gifts." EDITORS' NOTE APPENDED The 13-year-old boy sat in his California home, eyes fixed on a computer screen.

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And they perform from the privacy of home, while parents are nearby, beyond their children's closed bedroom doors.

The business has created youthful Internet pornography stars -- with nicknames like Riotboyy, Miss Honey and Gigglez -- whose images are traded online long after their sites have vanished.

One online portal that advertises for-pay Webcam sites, many of them pornographic, lists at least 585 sites created by teenagers, internal site records show.

At one computer bulletin board for adults attracted to adolescents, a review of postings over the course of a week revealed Webcam image postings of at least 98 minors.

''But this is a variation on a theme that we haven't seen.

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