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They're doing it for the children, or to protect you, or their reputation, which is clearly tied to both principles.

Just what I need: a keyword research tool that On the other hand, what if those filters are broken?

But no matter where you stand on gays or sex, filters or no, any search tool that does not offer up a complete data set when queried is useless Update: This afternoon a representative from Yahoo! would like to respond to the article, or issues relating to the topic that have been brought up by commenters. 's rep responded: "[I] do think it’s important to note that this is a beta product, because the Yahoo!

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In a way, all filters are: any kid can come along and spoof a filter in five seconds: type "jailbait" vs.

"jail bait" into Clues and you'll see what we mean: follow its suggestions for "lesbian" "lesbian porn tube" and you end up following its own suggestions - that lead to zero results. Clues is certainly broken if they're trying to self-censor data and keyword search results for family friendliness. Why would we want search tools to be gay (and sex) friendly, anyway?

On one (firm) hand, it could be arguable to restrict an all-ages search tool to results that did not include "pornography" -- as Clues also omits this term.

In the efforts to sanitize search, keeping porny data away from curious eyes would make search services a "clean" zone, a family-friendly experience. chastely joins hands with Apple in striving to be a destination for conservatives, concerned parents, and people who don't like to see sex, definitely want to avoid porn, and shy away from including the gays.

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