Age courtship dating early

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She’s beautiful, sweet, and hardworking, and she’s the oldest daughter of the Duggar girls at age 26 (soon to be 27).However, while her younger sisters Jessa, Jill, and Jinger are married, some with children, Jana has yet to join that club.

Even 19-year-old Joy-Anna began dating Austin Forsyth.

However, “dating” is a loose term in the Duggar family, as “courtship” is what the Duggar parents allow, which is a specific, chaperoned type of dating that allows very little physical contact due to religious beliefs. While Jana is by no means considered “old” to be single in the general population of the United States, her sisters all married in their early 20s, and Jessa and Jill were mothers soon afterward.

Even their food choices have been criticized for being highly processed and unhealthy, although none of the Duggars seem to have significant health problems.

All of the older children are prominent on social media and appear happy and well-adjusted to most people.

Sometimes they were relatively more important things such as not shoving them around or forcing them to do things they didn’t want to do.

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