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The Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) was established in 1994 to integrate tactical, negotiations, behavioral analysis, and crisis management resources into one cohesive structure to facilitate the FBI’s rapid response to critical incidents.

As the Bureau’s mission has expanded over the years, so have CIRG's responsibilities, but the premise behind its formation remains.

For more on the Bureau's efforts to prevent and respond to terrorist or criminal use of hazardous devices, explosives, and weapons of mass destruction, visit the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC) website.

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They respond to actual and threatened improvised explosive device (IED) incidents domestically and internationally.

They provide assistance during major cases, special events, and federal, state, and local training events.

SABTs provide training to local and state bomb squads and serve as the workforce for the FBI’s explosives-related operations and activities worldwide.

SABTs undertake some of the most dangerous duties in the FBI.

NCAVC provides the following services: The NCAVC also conducts extensive research from a law enforcement perspective, often in conjunction with other law enforcement, government, and academic organizations.

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