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"Dative" comes from Latin cāsus datīvus ("case for giving"), a translation of Greek δοτικὴ πτῶσις, dotikē ptsis ("inflection for giving"),[1] from its use with the verb didnai "to give".[2] Dionysius Thrax in his Art of Grammar also refers to it as epistaltikḗ "for sending (a letter)",[3] from the verb epistllō "send to", a word from the same root as epistle. Now an indirect object - if there is no preposition - normally gets the dative. Hi everyone I have been learning German and is about to complete Level 1 -- but I am still confused as when to use Akkusativ and Dativ.

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Remember that not every sentence will have an indirect object -- only some verbs allow an indirect object: to give (to), to bring (to), to tell (to), to buy (for), to send (to) are some examples of verbs that will almost always have an indirect object.

In English, we don't distinguish the direct and indirect object in the forms of words; instead, we often use "to" or "for" to mark these. There are many possible translations of these prepositions, depending on exactly what the context of the sentence is. 239-240, for more detailed explanation of the meanings of each preposition.: helfen, danken, gefallen, gehören, schmecken, passen. There's no direct translation that explains why these verbs take a dative object, it's just an idiosyncrasy of German -- it's best just to memorize these verbs as requiring the dative, even though the following noun doesn't 'feel' like an indirect object. Later this week you will be learning more about this preposition and how to use it correctly.

People often drop the "to" though eg "I give the woman a pen". A preposition is a helper word such as to, with, under, over, in ...

You just have to imagine whether it makes sense with a "to" or not. If there is a preposition, it is the preposition that determines the case of the word it attaches. Don't be lazy but learn the case that goes with it.

Compared to English, there are more options available depending on your word choice.

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