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According to Bertram Van Munster, they stayed with more recent teams because "if we're digging too far back, people might not even remember who they were".

This is the first and, thus far, only season to have more than one African-American team reach the final leg of the race, as Kisha & Jen and Flight Time & Big Easy make up two of the final three teams of this season.

At the end of the first leg in Sydney, Australia, and the fourth leg in Lijiang, China, teams were told their placements.

They were then ordered to keep racing with a new Route Info clue; the first team to check in was still awarded a prize and the last team to check in was not eliminated and did not have to perform a Speed Bump in the next leg.

Once they performed the first two aspects of the ritual to the dojo master's satisfaction, they would then mount a rotating wooden horse and hit a wooden target with an arrow before they could receive their next clue.

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