American texas dad son dating

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He returned of course because this is the only home he has, he was later stopped for “supposedly” speeding but charged for drugs while driving back from a job in Lubbock Texas by state troopers.The phony charges were dropped but he was deported a second time.Now I’m waiting with hope that the new immigration law gives us the green card before the illegal aliens. I started school and then I moved to a new city & they didn’t accept me so now I don’t have a high school diploma & I can’t get a job. I just want to finish my education & go to college & get a job. Khadrian Utica NY I’m in Mexico for immigration purposes and I’ve only been here for a few months, but it feels like I’ve been gone for such a long time. S and even though I speak Spanish (somewhat) I still can’t get a grip of daily life here.

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I am a US Citizen and I wanted to try and see if there was anything that we could do.

I started the process with immigration and paid all the fees, but at our last meeting for his permanent residence card, immigration officer told him that he cannot do anything unless he goes in front of a judge and to get a lawyer. On the bright side she was nice and gave him back his Texas Driver’s license and work permit and social that he had been given in the process and told him he had a year until they expire to figure out, because she had to deny him, but that he was in a pile of millions in the same situation.

We chose to do the i601 waiver but as I was almost ready to leave Obama passed the i601A which allows a US citizen spouse to wait in the US for waiver approval then go abroad for interview and visa.

We submitted the i601a in June 2012 and it was approved in October.

If his papers are never fixed he will never receive the benefits he deserves for all those years of work.

American texas dad son dating

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