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At that time, there were only 643 inhabitants in Tampus, the heart of the community.

After thorough discussions, the Gobierno Civil Superior of the Islands approved the creation of the new town on May 12, 1864 with Don Juan Ramirez elected as gobernadorcillo (town head).

The foundation of the town Perez-Dasmariñas was unique from most other towns of Cavite.

Pasong Santol in Salitran got its name because of the abundance of santol trees.

Tampus, the center of the newly formed town was located at the end of the deep forest in contrast with one of the sitios which was called "Pintong gubat" or gate of the forest.

Sometimes, the name of a barrio is taken from its location, as in the case of Barrio Burol which suggests the high location of the barrio.

Sabang on the other hand means "crossroad" or "crossing".

After his death, his son Luis Pérez Dasmariñas became the governor-general from 1593 to 1596.

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