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Homicides, sexual assaults, personal robberies, and residential break-ins occur with regular frequency but do not exceed average levels of major cities in the U. Violent crime tends to be situational (not random) with the perpetrators having some level of familiarity with the victims.

Many news stories reporting violent crimes indicate circumstances under which potential victims may have had an opportunity ahead of time to alter patterns of behavior and respond to environmental factors that placed them at risk.

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The enforcement of the strikes has led to violence and property damage. None of the occupants of the vehicle were injured seriously, and the political party responsible paid for the damage to the vehicle.

Most notably, in December 2012 hartal supporters attacked and seriously damaged a U. The 2013 calendar year witnessed 83 days of hartals (country-wide strikes) and 23 days of blockades (the blocking of all transportation routes country-wide), resulting in widespread violence with an estimated 22,114 individuals injured and 502 killed as well as the destruction of property.

Privacy Concerns Unauthorized access to personally identifiable information (PII) is quite possible.

Few holders of the information have adequate safeguards and access controls to prevent dissemination of sensitive personal information.

Multinational businesses, which import ready-made garments from Bangladesh, have been involved in addressing worker safety issues and certifying manufacturers for compliance in health and safety standards.

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